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Circular terry / Tricott terry / Multi-purposive towels / Sports Towel / Waffle

This is microfiber circular terry (knitting terry) cloth. It is genral purpose of all microfiber cleaning cloth. It easily cleans dirt and absorbs water completely.
The multipurpose, antibacterial microfiber cloth removes dust, dirt, and grease from all washable surfaces while preventing the transfer of germs to your hands and cross-contamination between surfaces. Use it dry for dusting, or damp for cleaning walls, tiles, bathtubs, counter tops, granite or marble surfaces, metal surfaces, car interiors.

Specially designed high-tech cloth has no stitches on its edges. No worry of scratch needs in cleaning any shining surfaces. Perfect for cleaning and polishing painted and coated surfaces such as cars and boats.. It has an excellent moisture absorption and can easily move oil, dirt finger marks on household glasses such as window, dishes and cups. 

You can clean your windows, mirrors and shiny surfaces with just water and the antibacterial window cloth. No streaks!  This cloth will save you hours, requires no pressure (as with squeeges) and doesn't waste rolls and rolls of paper towels. Since you're cleaning with just water, your windows will not attract more dirt as they do with commercial window cleaning solutions.   

By dampening the cloth with water it tackles spills and stains, wipes down counters and removes oils and odor-causing bacteria
. Soft and light - Never leaves bacteria and germ without scratch or streaks on any soft surfaces.  It can be used on any surface to remove dirt, grease and grime without additional cleansers.  Super absorbent - it absorbs and dries large quantity of liquid in half the time of ordinary towels.

                  Super ball

             Rectangle terry


                    C. Terry


            - Composition : Polyester 80 (70) % + Polyamide 20 (30) %

            - Size : 30 X 30, 30 X 40, 35 X 35, 40 X 40, 40 X 60, 40 X 90, 20 X 110 cm more...
            - Color : White, Pink,Yellow, blue, Green etc
            - Available to supply cutomized sizes, colors and types of fabric

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