FeelRich Silver Bedding set 

Sleep on anti-static, soft, comfortable, antibacteria and germ-free FeelRich's Bedding Pad

FR bedding set weaved by X-statics silver fiber with Earthing treatment is the premium healthy bedding comforters. It has proven effectiveness of its characteristics by a wide variety of clinical tests such as anti-bacterial & sterilization and resist house dust mite.

Especially, it has remarkable effects for anti-static and resist electromagnetic wave caused by X-static silver with special Earthing treatment to textiles by our own technology.

FeelRich X-Static story

X-static is premier silver antimicrobial technology designed to protect products from bacteria, fungi and odor.

For more than 2,000 years, silver has been used for its antimicrobial properties in everything from drinking vessels to military field dressings. Now, with X-statics superior technology deliver the benefits of silver to textiles. We combine best in class antimicrobial & anti-odor protection with the benefit of body temperature regulation.


X-STATIC is made by permanently bonding 99.9% pure metallic silver to the surface of the fiber. Not a nanotechnology or a complex chemical formula, just natural silver.  X-STATIC fibers and fabrics deliver 100% surface area of silver to maximize performance, yet they remain soft and flexible.  X-STATIC is registered as an antimicrobial with the US EPA, is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and is used in dozens of FDA approved products. We have a good reputation for its excellent clinical experiences, elegancy & luxury design and high quality product from customers in home and overseas market.

ECO NATURAL Bedding set
Dyeing with natural Pozzuoli, Ocher and Charcoal

Pozzuoli Dyeing
: When dyes a fabric with Pozzuoli, it shows a luxurious and a beautiful reddish pink color. Since Pozzuoli is natural dyeing, there are a lot of difference reddish pink made by chemical dyeing. It is naturalness and feminine reddish pink.

Pozzuoli is igneous rock created the Cretaceous period in
B.C 2nd century. It found in volcano fine ash in the village named Pozzuoli in Italy, and named as Pozzuoli. It is a rare gemstone that has been confined to the distribution in only five countries, South Korea, India, Malaysia, the United States and Italy, in the world. In particular, Korean Pozzuoli is the most known of the best quality. Since Pozzuoli fabric is natural-dyed fabrics, characteristics of Pozzuoli elements are remained after dyeing. Pozzuoli has been used a lot in various health products since it contained the various organic matter and mineral elements in abundance as well as 90% of the infrared ray emissivity. Pozzuoli promotes the blood circulation by helping cell organizations life with the infrared ray contained in Pozzuoli, prevents geriatric disease, and neutralizes odors  

The infrared ray of Pozzuoli promotes activity of human body. With having 187 times germanium than yellow red clay, and 198 times than a precious stone (Jade), Pozzuoli has an excellent functionality for human.
** Patented 10-1152914 ;  Pozzuoli natural dyeing method with dyeing machine

Ocher Dyeing (Yellow red clay) : Ocher is called as a living creature, and it has approximately 2 billion living micro-organisms in one tablespoon. The ingredients of ocher enzymatic containing the various useful materials help the human body toxin removal, disassembly and decontamination. The wave length in the infrared rays of ocher is purifying harmful substances by removing the toxins in the human body, and doing a powerful antibacterial action.  HNSs natural ochre bedding products made by patented technology-dyed fabrics retains the efficiency of pure yellow ocher.

Charcoal Dyeing
: Carbon contained in charcoal emits the anion. Infinitely anion comes from carbon is refreshing the body like fresh air of the woods, and naturally helps bring comfort to the body.  It keeps the body warm and comfortable circulation, and promotes metabolism of the body, smooth, and cell function. When charcoal puts in a container near the electric home appliances, it absorbs electromagnetic waves which are harmful to the human body, and it improves the bloodstream, dehumidification, humidity control, purification, deodorization, and filtration processes


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